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FemCan - Female Cannibal

You are Born a FemCan, One does not choose.

It is some that travels through heritage, it runs in your veins into your heart and is deep in your very soul.

But where did it all begin? You can find out more about that in the History Section of this site.

Here you will find an explanation of the powerful women that have chosen to grace us with their presence on this site.

Let's start with how this began...

Dinah - The one for whom we all look up to and admire. No one offers true Femcan Mastery like Miss Dinah D'Vine.

A Rich heritage of Femcans runs through her and she shows it each and every time she prepares that perfect meal. Dating back to the Medieval times her family has been in 'the biz' in secret.

This is a new age, people are more accepting of culture now and Dinah figured it was now or never to share herself with the world.

Others followed, many actually. They started coming to her from all over the world. Sharing tips, stories, recipes and so much more.

The FemCan Movement Began!!

Eye Box                Mistress Ambra


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